Shall I, once more

transform you

into Eros

drape you with

golden sheets of lilies


shall I muscle you

with strawberry meat

each of your limbs

I ferociously taste sweetness.

shall I pluck

a pair of lychee

and plant it as your lips

I will be

enormously addicted to its fructose

never mind those ants

that will haunt me.

shall I sew

your body

with blankets of Mahogany

delicately remain



so not a root

will seep through your edges,

and I can hug you


shall I intricately line

your face

two eyes

with pomelo sap

its blatant taste

I shall consider

Mother Nature’s balancing effect.

I flutter back

from your red cherry nose

underneath my blanket

and try to repeat

this enticingly delicious savory  encounter.

English: Litchi chinensis. Français : Litchi c...

English: Litchi chinensis. Français : Litchi chinensis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



25th of May 2012

© 2012 J.B.T.


15 thoughts on “Shall I?

  1. jymiely….I’m laughing a bit here…you have so much ability…this is just a brilliant poem…so intoxicating and rich

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