A frustrated writer and blogger, I managed to make my own blog (finally!). I’ve been scribbling stuffs way back in my high school days. I attempted to write a novel but I wasn’t able to finish it, until I found my happiness in writing poems. Whenever extreme feelings tend to monopolize my brain, a pen and piece of paper must be within my reach, that’s where my inspiration begins. . A short but précised details of what I feel brings satisfaction in my feeble mind…and sharing it with people brings a higher level of joy in me. You might also see non-poem stuffs here. A licensed nurse (but working in a pharmaceutical company, tsk.)  and a wife, we are still waiting for an angel to be our little baby. So, to all who wastes their time reading my notes, Thank You to All of You! 😉 And Enjoy!!


49 thoughts on “about the author and the blog

  1. nice to meet you – you could always write Haiku, unless you already have, i still need to catch up…

    David in Maine USA

  2. Read your intro..very cool. Hope u and your husband’s bundle of joy is on its way. Poetry is great isn’t it? So relaxing and yet awakening. Good luck with the blog!

  3. thank you for your nice comment “paranoid4life”(hope i know your name,it’s awkward for me to call someone “paranoid” lol!), were praying for that day to happen !

    yeah, poetry is like a home, safe zone for me… i hope you enjoyed looking around my blog 😉

  4. Hello thank you for visiting and following my blog I am going to stay a while and have a good look around. You sound like a happy person with a loving partner. I hope you are both happy. 🙂 keep well XX

    • yeah i know!! thank you! i just can’t form my reply im sooo happy right now !!!do i need to post the requirements for nominations?? david of thoughtsfromtheoutdoors.wordpress.com also nominated me before !! waaahhhh!

      • Sweetie you can highlight and cut & paste the rules~ then add your nominations and 7 things about yourself ~ Hopefully that makes sense. If you need help, I’m here for you. Deb

    • you’re welcome clarabelle:) pardon me for my late reply, being subscribed to all the blogs I was following, everyday was such a hectic Word Press day 🙂 Thank you so much !

    • I’m sorry for my very late reply at your comment,yeah I could see you are enjoying what you are reading here, much appreciated 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  5. I very much enjoyed reading your work here. I know I am going to have to come back and visit again and that is always a great feeling. Thanks for posting.

  6. I meant to stop by today and check out your blog, so well timed follow, nice to meet you, look forward to reading work work.

  7. Hey Little Furrow!

    I created a page on Radius Of A Square. it’s called “How Life Works?”
    Feel free to drop by anytime and post your views 🙂

    • wow, wow…thanks,thanks! haha if only I knew how those award icons will reflect on my side bar hehe, i’ll check the post later! thank you 🙂

  8. Jymiely, thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting on my Haiku Rose Quartet – which let me here to yours. I’m following you as well, and enjoying the exploration. ~ Julie 🙂

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