I come to trade my life

for a piece of bread

a yard of cloth

a glass of drink

only to satiate my

four days hunger.


I need no love, lest you could

spare me some

for you think am a hoax,

a decoration in the vandalized urban streets.


my life would be of a little boring

if I never hear scolding and screams

on a daily basis;

as I hand you my hand

face upright

the pair of own cochlea

would just hear screech

screeching sound:



I never meant to feel the pain

of acid inside my belly

is it alright to flush it

through my left side hole

I never needed it anyway.



Photo courtesy of treklens.com


7thΒ of June 2012

Β©2012 J.B.T.


22 thoughts on “Decor

  1. I deeply relate~ I understand well your feelings and desires and beautiful soul~ This is outstanding dearest doll! I feel this was effortlessly to write ~Thank you doll. I miss you too. Rreaaally!~deb

    • I’m a bit guilty about this piece, but this is what my heart speaks for this people…hoping the world(us) will turn their faces again to these fellows… πŸ™‚

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