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Light up, oh hushed and sleeping soul,

glimmer your eyes and see by heart

utmost challenges of the horizon,

by far the longest path will ever pass.

Check your soul, hint of wrongful acts you must forgive

yourself, before others say it so.

Gush upon the beauty of wild flowers

and gaze on it on utmost admiration

for the world itself is a fleeting tales of moments.

Let your heart speak the real unspoken truth

keep it plain simple, as the sky,

and deep and fervid, as the clashing ocean.

delight yourself on cruel friends

and dote the nicest enemies

for the striking two are still

like you, a passing silhouette of life.

Act against your folly and troubling times

keep your distance, ease your soul, to futile changes of the world

and let yourself bring forth

the unimaginable ray of fulfillment

keep the faith and allow the faith keep you.

24th of May2012

Β©2012 J.B.T.


26 thoughts on “A Beautiful World

  1. Ahhh, now there looks like a safe swim…tell me it is or I shall be so sad that all the lovely places are unsafe…lol gorgeous as always clever poet. So richly painted. Love it.

    • inspired by a lot of things in my life at the time it was written. social, emotional, political issues that needing the wisdom instilled in this piece. Thank you for asking πŸ™‚

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