Aphrodite Greek Mythology

Photo courtesy of fanpop.com



preening her with cloistered


cathartically enticing

keeping the knell of

foreboding lies

lest I will regain it



if so I will must trim the

salient tale of love

a disparate enrapturing

of coiled lust

shinefully observe

dramatic entrance


through an eyehole.


I left the silken water

a meretricious

gift of the past.



30th of May 2012

Β©2012 J.B.T.

26 thoughts on “Beatified Lies

  1. as she knocked at my life
    with wet dripping hair
    I felt of soaking myself
    in her haunting lustrous flair

    Going through your verses is like walking past beautiful masterpieces in a hallway of passionate ensemble !

      • πŸ™‚ yes – just checked I am following – but getting notified in email? I will need to refollow and see – but love your sweet writings Jymiely!!

      • no prob you can come here anytime you want even without notifications, whew those 200 emails a day??its a lot of pressure for me if they are not opened and read those new posts, yay! πŸ™‚

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