That’s how I feel right now. After the many turmoils in my life, I now present myself as a “old” brand new me!


Err, enough about the grand entrance. As you all know, I’ve requested myself to undergo a therapy called “Cyber Sleeping” which mainly halted me to post pieces here at WP. I assumed that I could learn a lot of things while resting my self from posting my mind here. Since then, I am very proud to say that, after a long time of sleeping…..

… nothing happened!!!

Bravo to me! (sarcastically)

Yep, I pretended to educate myself. To be an alphabetically (?) and grammatically educated poet.

Pretended to catch the wind, swim with planktons,

dive into the clouds,

run with leopards and everything will be written in a scented, Rennaisanced piece of scroll…

But, after the time slipped sooo fast, this is still me:  the little child with a milk on her mouth. Nothing happened. I screwed myself. My poetry. I failed of being not a failure. My “muse broke up” with me (quoted words courtesy of Miss Joan Miranda, a WP dudette and my following on Twitter), my hand-which was suppose to write eloquent thing of the morn, made its way into pushing the self-destruct button whenever words tries to escape my mind. It cannot write. It cannot speak (where on earth can you see a hand talk? with a mouth??  kidding 🙂 )

I became a crazy, frustrated, senseless apparition.


I'm like this girl :P

I’m like this girl 😛

I didn’t reached my goal. Poem comes like a diamond ring: it won’t come unless your getting a proposal (proposal in a sense that the muse approves the poet to write words, but the muse, as I told you guys, broke up with me). Creative juice dried up like Sahara.  I failed.

And everything else falls into the book called History.

Now, I am starting to search for my muse. “Muse” must be somewhere within my reach, I’m sure of that. And now, I’ve decided to look first from where I started:

In my “Little Furrow” 🙂

I miss you all! In a few days, random posts will come, in search for the missing Muse.

Wish me luck! 🙂

Love lots,

Jymiely 🙂

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