“I’m about to cry now…”

It’s hard for me to say this, but I think this will be my last post.  I’ve been blogging for two months I think and each day is an enjoyable one. Opening WP new posts notified thru my email gave me a lot of emotions: some made me sad, smile, wonder, reread, confused, guffaw to laugh, meditate and many more.  You, WP people and friends, gave me a lot of rethinking and many things to meditate at. I can’t even understand myself why I’m writing this, for one of my utmost love is writing poetry and WP had gave me the opportunity to showcase it.  I’ll still continue to write poems, everyday or if time permits, for it is already my LIFE. A breathe in my lungs, a water in my tired soul, a tickle in my downiest days. It is POETRY.

“This is terrible!”

I just need to learn more and enhance my capabilities as a creative writer, so as they said we are (is it? 🙂 ),  and to do that, I think a looong cyber sleeping will regain my spirits and achieve a writer’s dream aside from publishing his/her work: ZEN.

“ssshhh…Imma meditatin…zzzzzz”

“I thought she goin to write with me?Why sleepin? “

For all of my friends and acquaintance, thank you! It’s been a pleasure to share with you my ramblings and furrows in my life thru each pieces that I posted. Still, feel free to reblog, share, like and still leave comments for the posts that I made. You can copy my work but kindly acknowledge the true owner of it, for we, poets, all know that it is a MORTAL SIN for a writer to copy-paste another’s work without even acknowledging the rightful owner. Am I hearing loud YES-es?? 🙂


I will be back, no definite time though. You can contact me thru my Twitter account if anything bothers you or just to say hi to me. My email address will be available as requested. I might post some pieces but I cannot promise the regularity of it.

“call me maybe..?”

Thank you for those who believe in me, who joined me explore the furrows and laughs in this very short life. All the graces and blessing to all of you dear Word Press Family!! I’ll be back, I promise 🙂

“Oh my, promises are made to be broken, waaaahh!”

“I’ma gonna eat all the cake I want!yey!


Love Lots always,


Little Furrow 🙂


(I just love these baby pictures, hehe 🙂


39 thoughts on “My Last Post :(

  1. 😦 I am not going to hit like…I just showed up here to catch up…and you’re leaving. Cyber sleep well, and come back refreshed if need be. xo

  2. Jymiely,
    So I step away for several weeks and come back to this??? 😦
    Say it isn’t so…Though I do understand.
    Stay your creative, expressive self and keep the words flowing (I know you will).
    You will be missed and we’ll eagerly await your return.

    Please keep in touch as I’d love to still swap poetry, ideas and challenges with you.



    • that gave me a guilty feeling Stephen,haha! Kidding aside, I’ve been thinking about this over and over, I really need more time for my mind to reload and learn… I won’t close, I’ll just cyber sleep 🙂 Thank you Stephen 🙂

      • always a post away….yo won’t blog…but did you mention you won’t check either ?
        I don’t think so !!!

        …and I can feel it is happening for your pursuit of excellence as a person…all the luck from God’s pocket for you !!!!

  3. You will be missed. I only started to get to know you but I will back track and maybe by the time I do you’ll be back. Blessings during this time away.

  4. you know i totally understand your cybersleep and i hope you accomplish all you set out to do thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see where your talent has taken you on your way back to the family

  5. I have now returned to find that you have left 😦 Good luck with everything and I am glad I had the privilege of reading your work! Hopefully you will be posting again soon 🙂

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