As this tiny blog of mine continue its existence in WP world, I have received tons of appreciation from you guys by turning your cursors to “LIKE” button and heartily comment on each pieces that you love, and I make it to the point that I reply to these wonderful words and send my gratefulness to you all. Because of that, may I present to you dear poets and poetry lovers these wonderful people who’ve sent me these wonderful appreciation badges which gave me the daily quota of smiles in my lips (and made me think of making an Award Page, I don’t wanna brag about it on my sidebar hehe.  Kindly check on it as soon as it is finish  🙂


Chris of http://chronicpainandme.wordpress.com for 7×7 Link Award, Beautiful Blogger Award and Very Inspiring Blogger Award (he hates award so much, he nominated me for four! These three I still have not received before)

ROAS of http://radiusofasquare.wordpress.com for Versatile Blogger Award

Soumya of http://soumyav.wordpress.com for Thanks For Writing Award and

Maribel of http://maribelskidneystory.wordpress.com for Sunshine Blogger Award.

Some of these awards comes with certain rules (e.g. list 10 things about yourself, answer the ff questions) which I previously wrote here and here, so kindly check those posts to know more about this Little Furrow junkie 🙂

For the nominations, here are some of the best bloggers that I’ve met since and before the last award posts:


Deborah Avila of http://girlwiththepen1118.wordpress.com/

David of http://thoughtsfromtheoutdoors.wordpress.com/

Prashant of http://justspokenthoughts.wordpress.com

Ian Moone of http://brianinajar.wordpress.com/

Sharmishtha of http://sharmishthabasu.wordpress.com/

Lady Day of http://rlbk75.wordpress.com

Robyn Lee of http://throughthehealinglens.com/

Nonoy Manga of http://nonoymanga.wordpress.com/

Chester Maynes of http://chestermaynes.wordpress.com/


I truly appreciate you guys! Thank you so much! 🙂

Thank you to all of those poetry geeks out there who shares my utmost addiction to this wonderful literary style! Have a great day, eat some ice cream and keep on shining! Cheers! 🙂

Truffle addict on the loose…. 🙂

Love Lots and Lots,


Little Furrow


21 thoughts on “Cheers! Third Award Post :)

  1. You’ve earned each award for countless reasons Doll; thank you graciously for your nomination, you’ve spoiled me in many ways and I’ll follow instruction ! 🙂 I unfortunately can’t display the awards given me since it apparently requires an upgrade which I can’t afford~ Nevertheless I never forget kindness ~especially You miss Dollface! Hugs~ Deb

    • Oh no, no strings attached to it Deb, just your thanks can make me happy! Well, you’re spoiling me with lovingly words so I just love you more! I don’t know, I just feel elated as I see you comment 🙂 I just wanted to love a friendly friend so here I am! Praying for your health dear, always 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love-Jam 🙂

    • your very much welcome, and let me remind you that there’s no strings attached to it, pass it or not, its up to you dear, just want you to see how I appreciate your writings 🙂

  2. Your face is like that of a beautiful woman who is a mystery that must hold a million clues. To search within such a treasure is to be a winner who can never lose!

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