Hath I suppose to trim down my cuts

of delusional entity of fame?

it was full of questions and buts

of how this cut-out played the ultimate game;

of tender feeling of social highness

of lights and jewelries stuffed your body

unaccountable for your political folly

as the tainted gleam of cash show its brightness.

plunging guilt still you withheld

stating false predictable testaments

should we cry? should we raise hands and yield?

plead? to your graft’s unimaginable predicaments!

keeping luscious fine picked strata: you fail

kindly sleep behind the cold, doomed jail rail.



23rd of May, 2012

©2012, J.B.T.


Photo courtesy of cartoonmovement.com


14 thoughts on “Corona

    • this was intended to be a political satire, but it seems i placed that man on a steel hammock and sang a lullaby hehe! thank you David 🙂

    • and now it is done!but there’s still a lot of reforms to pursue and actions are needed, not only through words and rallies.. thank you for relating on this piece Sassy 🙂

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