amid the chastity and longings,

I tried not to trip over,

but then, an angel tripped from the heaven, he fell

and swarmed me with tinsy bits of kisslings.


nothing to give but a timid grin.


what will I do then, if your love would be

an unbearable thing

tis too heavy,

tormented fellow of desire;

heavy as it is, not falsely,

but astonishing amounts of heartfelt acts

you couldn’t, for you have been

suffering: stiff neck.


nothing to give but a timid grin.


humble as I am, I reach those

burning light

called stars

and breeze was imprisoned inside the jar;

will I offend the sky

if I borrow his clouds?

I must adorn this being

namely “You”.



21st of May, 2012

©2012, J.B.T.


17 thoughts on “Stiff Neck

  1. You’re unbelievable sweetheart ! I can sense the tension, the yearning and gentle desires to love and be loved etc… your beauty is a reflection in everything you write ~ I love you and your works! Squeeze! Deb

    • all because of stiff neck Debbie dear haha..these are the reflections of my everyday encounters, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it Deb, thank you so much 🙂

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