Sphere through it

A sand-like bomb

Hit the detonator

And come the bursting fun!

I will bathe myself

On a fructose tub

Gulping bubbles after a rundown scrub:

Sorry mommy if I burp too much.

If never been crushed enough ,

Torn pieces I’ll hung

Under lateral incisors

Crushing every juices that’ll spill

And place inside the stomach jar.

And then, I will sell it

And make golds and riches!

Chuckles, giggles

Oh, how sweet life tis!

Settle down, settle down. collect the pitchers

Of tasting, sweetly thickened, juicified berries

Only to find out myself:

My belly kinda hurts.


Photo courtesy of news.yahoo.com (Alan Sailer/Caters News Agency)

16th of May, 2012

©2012, J.B.T.


18 thoughts on “How To Make a Strawberry Jam

  1. What red rich a poem one can almost savor! Hope you’re well dear, I’ve been worried about you and praying for you (hope you don’t ming). LOVE you & big squeeeze sis! Deb

    • thank you Deb! yeah,been going through a struggle right now,don’t worry, I’m hanging on.. your prayers are on timing dear!!thank you!love lots 😉

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