This hand, glimpsing over the parchment

under the Carnal Tree – dancing

frivolous tune, multitude nonsense;

come to unearthened tales of ardency.


late of the summer, premature La Niña,

hopes of greener pasture leads unto thee,

hair-locked curls, tainted hazel brown eyes

yearns to step on State of honey-crusted Land.


perhaps, this evolving twist of fervor,

will dawn a nonchalant complication,

a remorse state shall I state on these

scriptures of reared love, like a film: it develops.


alas! darlingly I tore kiss-sealed envelop

of hopes of lasting tale of fairy,

above the sky, it touches upright palm:

here- and hear, silent tale of dis-remembering.




13th of May, 2012

©2012, J.B.T.





22 thoughts on “Pen Pal

      • its better not to count much on them. the lesser you count on them the better it is for you, but as they say, hearts are the dominant voice in case of relationships and hearts dont have eyes.

      • yes indeed,been inspired with what i’ve watched about post offices and snail mails. this practice (snail mail and pen pal) is nearing its extinction because of the latest technology (texts, emails) that has presently dominated our world…i think i haven’t clearly wrote it, but the love story that has been featured, shame me 🙂

      • yes, and that’s not a problem after all 🙂 i think i scum a lot..how toxic these past few days..i still haven’t finished what I promised you ! 🙂

      • what is scum?

        i have quite often seen that i write a poem with one meaning and four people make four different meanings out of that poem. i dont explain, i let them believe what they want and read that and enjoy that.

      • a term i could describe how my mind works these days 🙂

        yes, poems are like paintings, different people with different interpretations…very right 🙂

      • i love to read what they think and then analyze my poem from their point of view. that often widens my own point of view.

        lolling around? my mind does that quite often.

      • it gives us an array of thoughts and ideas of how our poems extends its arms to every readers…

        yes you can say it that way dear,busy day tsk 🙂

  1. ‘alas! darlingly I tore kiss-sealed envelop

    of hopes of lasting tale of fairy,’…love this, I could see it. Ahhh, thank you for writing this.

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