Will one still be called

A mother

Though you don’t have

    Never had

    Will never have

    A child?

Will one still be greeted

   On mother’s day

Though an offspring is


Will one still be allowed

     To accept flowers

Though uterus never functioned?

Will people consider one

   A good mother

Though you never reared one?


For once, in the moonlight

Dreamed of maternal purity?

Never cost us eternal damn dear.

Never leave singleness doubled.

Charity of pure, effervesced fervent

Rears, flourish, in us

Blooms the longed matrix

Of invisible child.



Cuddling sweetness

Kisses in thy temple

Ought not to mother alone

But to one truly

Love, cherish, faithful woman

Who bore love out of cringing.



A matrimony between

Nurturing and absence dwelth.

And an offspring of love bore

Out of absence

Out of unexistence.



Cheer up, stand tall

Gather Cassiope and Marigolds

Make a wreath between your toes

Toss it upon your nose

Towards your crown;

And proclaim, though in whispers,

It shouts too endearingly:

Am a woman, mother

Of love

Of charity

Of hope

Of faith

Of steadfastness



Hail all, kindly hug me,

And August will be

My twin’s death anniversary.

Happy Mother’s Day.



12th of May, 2012

©2012, J.B.T.

28 thoughts on “Must be a Mother

    • this was like a pulled film, free-flowing, continuously written without pauses…without comma…(I placed most punctuation after the poem was finished) and the last roll resulted in tormented ending again… :/

      • okay i wrote a reply and it’s missing…anyway, this poem is gorgeous, I free write 9 out of ten pieces, they just pour out, I love writing that way it always ends somewhere surprising, love that!

      • basically i dont believe that you have to give birth to a child to be a mother, or giving birth makes you a mother, lets think about Mother Teresa who practiced celibacy and all those mothers who sell their children or kill them or torture them bestially ….
        i believe in actions not baseless ideas and idealisms. what about you?

      • yes, that’s exactly the point of this piece.you need not to be a mother to be given tribute..who’s deserving to be called “mother”?those who doesn’t even bore a child yet charity was their surname all their life, or a child-bearing woman whose business is selling their own babies? this is what this poem tries to explain.. i hope it catches the thought, this one was written in a span of 3 minutes, words were flowing in a lightning speed 🙂

      • we share the same wavelength on this one. I respect a true mother as much as I respect God but that doesnot means every mother is true; and Mother Teresa or quite a huge number of his virgin nuns who pick up abandoned baby and hold them to their breast are less than any mother who has given birth to her own piece of flesh and nurtured him/her.

  1. A beautiful, sad poem; I really loved it. I could not have children, and so I can relate to this. Wonderfully written. (((Hugs))) ~ Julie

  2. You’re simply beautiful and write so sensitive and beautifully sweetheart ~Motherhood is not a role but the nature of a woman ~ the word WOMAN means mother as Eve means the mother of all living; not just children but we give life to all things thru our giving nature as Christ. He had no children but is the Father of all creation because of his sacrifice ~ Love your poetry. Big squeeze ~I love u, Deb

    • i love you too Deb!yes, that was the thought I would like to impart..hoping every aspect of motherhood had been touchedby this and is written here, this is for all the women in the world.. 🙂

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