Again, I am very much thankful for the following people who nominated me  for the following awards:

 Chris of ChronicPainandMe  for Reader Appreciation Award (soorry this has been VERY late 🙂  )

ROAS of RadiusOfASquare  for Genuine Blogger Award and Sunshine Award

No words could express my gratitude for these wonderful appreciations.  Thank you for believing in me and uplifting my spirits as I see your views, likes and comments. Of course, this was also addressed for all of my followers, like-rs, critics…I consider you all as my very close friends!

My nominees for these Three Wonderful Awards: (NOTE: If you have already received such nominations, you need not do the rules 🙂 )

David of http://thoughtsfromtheoutdoors.wordpress.com especially the Sunshine Award, you know how sunny and bubbly you are!

Deborah of  http://girlwiththepen1118.wordpress.com you especially deserve the Sunshine Award, for letting me see the real happiness 🙂 If you already received such award, kindly thank me instead ?:)

Cathy of http://wordsandherbs.wordpress.com/ for her very cheerful and mouth-watering captures of flowers!

Polly of  http://journalread.wordpress.com/ poetry are hers !

Eve of http://everedwater.wordpress.com/ is her smile enough for the Sunshine Award?? ofcourse! 🙂

Ian of http://brianinajar.wordpress.com/…who wants brain, anyone? 🙂

Sharmishtha Basu of http://sharmishthabasu.wordpress.com/ SHE loves rain, so do I!


(Note, my apologies for Sharmishtha, for I mistakenly thought she was “HE”, shoot! Foolish curly-hair!!!! 🙂 )


Eldy of http://lovinglifeagreenjourney.wordpress.com genuine and a sunshine angel for Animalia residents 🙂

Cathy of http://lesplaisirssimplesdelavie.wordpress.com for wonderful images and lines of life!

Momma E. of http://dje1231.wordpress.com/ pure and dainty smile 🙂

finished, finished! And for the rules from Sunshine Award, answers for the following questions:

  • Favorite color:   Green
  • Favorite number:    4 and 23
  • Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:    cold and hot coffee, chocolate drink, mocha, coffee,coffee….
  • Facebook or Twitter:   both plus WordPress 🙂
  • My Passion:   scribbling and coach potatoing
  • Favourite Pattern:     unpatterned stuffs
  • Favorite Day of the Week:     Sunday
  • Favorite Flower:    Forget-Me-Not coz I can’t forget its name :), Rose also 🙂

Yey, finished! Thank you for reading and for your continuous appreciation for poetry! 🙂



Love Lots,


Jam 🙂

30 thoughts on “Award Post (The Second Time Around) ;)

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