…some stupid bitterness. Please allow me 🙂


you stained my heart

just as my lipstick did to itself

how could you stone me

without gravels and pebbles?

I noticed:  your words are!

your words are the boulders

which destroyed this diamond vitality.

never been too literal before.

every word was born as similes and metaphors:

there you go, fiery surge of unfervorness

then I claimed curses, it’s not yours

i owned them, dearly tis for you

never been too literal before.

thin string between love and


exists: you’ll cut it?

no, I’ll do it

with my finger scissors

then fire unto me

    your rights and

I’ll canon the wrongs

     and the frights

never been too literal before.

yes, this will be it:

graphically speaking, will

   you bow down?

will you eat your words

as I drink my tears?

your whisper shouts

     your every feat.

and I can’t help but to fit

     my bridal gown

yes, of course in my mind

      you bastard!

I love you and I love

      your fear.

keep me, I love myself

and I’ll be literal about it.

27th of April 2012

©2012, J.B.T.


Photo courtesy of google.com


24 thoughts on “Never Been Too Literal

  1. I loved reading this, completely different to the work I do and so much better I must say! Great work once again 🙂

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