There’s a lot of

morphine to drink

Advil to take,



consuming powers of absence

semblance of lofty death awaits.


As I speak, I am at peace.

As I pause, I am eaten by fleas.

could I ask how

these eyeballs escape their sockets?

pumping, throbbing: each in every finest

as thy finest pass through my nostrils.


Fear not! Oh barren soul

this passion will attest my love for thee;

pour unto me the replays of somersault,

and lead this heart away

from unrequited love.


: then, the ogre

fell in love with him.

and the Advil embraced its death.



25th of April 2012

©2012, J.B.T.



POST SCRIPTUM: I don’t know about this one, been so busy these past few days. If you could notice its itinerary, you’re a lucky lad, if not, you’re a lot luckier than anyone else… but these words are what my mind wants to form right now. Please pardon me if it doesn’t have any sense at all 😉

15 thoughts on “Modern Archaic Modern

      • that was a very saddening thing deb,i’m sorry about that..at this point, i am at loss..its a whole lot of emotions going on on that piece, i can’t even grasp it myself… very ironic indeed :/

      • Don’t be sad dear~ pain can’t always be written as you did, be grateful you have this gift that can help others understand certain facets of life. Hug, beautiful friend ~ Deb

      • i am at awe of your appreciation my friend, i’m very grateful right now 🙂 i hope this doesn’t made you sad after all, sometimes remembering our deceases loved ones is healthy for us 🙂

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