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The Scarlet Numbers 4.23.12

Hello world. It’s me Scarlet.

I feel like a compete jackass today.  Once again, I’m feeling a little sense of shame over something that I’ve written.  Last night when writing “5 Things to Die for”  I blatantly misquoted Roger Ebert.  Originally, I just copied a quote from one of his reviews from The Hunger Games.  While going over my work, I decided to desecrate his words and basically entirely reworded everything he said to make it funnier.

“It was hilarious.”

Thanks, Obama.  (But I still feel like a jackass.)  Anyway, today I found myself asking the question,

How would I feel if someone else misquoted me?”

 I suppose it would matter the circumstances.  I think in my context, it was very obvious that I was just being silly and outrageous. Despite the shame I feel about it, I think that making myself…

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