When I received my first nomination, I was zesty about it!  Little Furrow just turned one month old last April 10 and yet it already received such gratifying appreciation. Word Press became an enjoyable experience for me because, at last, I attained one of my little aspirations in life: Have my own blog and post my treasured poems. As simple as it may sound, it’s one of my feeble dreams that continuously creep inside my head, stubbornly and aggressively. And I met a lot of wonderful people who also shared their insights about all sorts of things in life.  I thanked all of you who enjoyed these little treasures, wasted their time reading, analyzing, commenting and appreciating onevery piece that I wrote with all my heart and soul. I hoped these have touched your hearts as it did to mine.

Okay, enough about too much seriousness. Let us get into business 😉

 Here are the rules to follow when you received a nomination:

1. Thank the person who shared the award with you, by linking back to them in your post.

2. Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs (being sure to let them know that you included them in your blog post).

3. Lastly, list 7 things about yourself.

First stop, the Thank You Portion: I would like to thank David of http://thoughtsfromtheoutdoors.wordpress.com/who nominated me last April 14 (you little nature-loving buddy!), and Deborah of http://girlwiththepen1118.wordpress.com/ who also nominated me last, April 19. Both of them nominated me for Versatile Blogger Award 😉 I graciously thanked you both for uplifting my feeble-mindedness!


I also like to thanked those who bothered to like, comment, and read my posts and my blog. I couldn’t mention you one by one; you know who you are so please, accept my gratitude!

Second, the Passing of Nomination: This is hard. I’ll only post 10sites on my list coz I don’t have any spare time to finish the 15. Please forgive me 😉  Here are the people that I would like to nominate. I’ll do this differently. Instead of giving short infos about their sites, I will note here my personal descriptions to these people (Note: To those who already received such nominations, you do not need to make another return call;))

Mari of starsrainsunmoon.com– When I opened her site, I just fell in love with it instantly!

Dean of http://deanjbaker.wordpress.com/– I thirst for his visits, astounding in poetry techniques, and author of The Herald.

Stephen of http://stephenkellogg.wordpress.com/ he inspired me to make a list of poetic assignments! 😉

Dogs in Chests of http://dogsincedarchests.wordpress.com/“unconventional” is his nickname

Cynthia of http://lesplaisirssimplesdelavie.wordpress.com/   her photos make my day 😉

Chris of  http://chronicpainandme.wordpress.com/a fellow poet, his poetries are dark yet so good

Corey of http://clownponders.wordpress.com/his challenges made me..well, challenged 😉

Willowdot21 of http://willowdot21.wordpress.com/ her passion gave me new insights about life

Whiskey for Sundays ofhttp://whiskeyforsundays.com/ I just love his free verse poetries 😉

The Tale of my Heart inhttp://justsimplyinlove.wordpress.com/ –who doesn’t need love?? View her sight, you’ll love it 😉


NOTE: Please do click on these sites; it will be a worthwhile experience 😉

Last one: Seven Facts about myself: I hoped I could write more…oh well, just following the rules 😉

  1. I admit: my words are simple and my English are few, and I could not tolerate a verbal, mile-long English conversation (I will have an epistaxis attack).
  2. I “own” (those I loved most, I possess, I claim them… no sharing allowed) a loving, understanding, naughty husband and a cute, chubby and funny puppy named “Chup-Chup” (street/slang/verbal/texting term for kiss in our country).
  3. I have a very, veryshort memory…so before a very juicy idea is gone, I’ll put out my little notebook from under my pillow or inside my bag and I’ll write no matter what I am doing, where the hell I am and what circumstances I’m into that time.
  4. I ampersonally scared of the image of a woman with her long hair (whether straight or curly, or not wearing a white dress, it still has the same effect on me) in front of her face.
  5. I am very fond of notebooks. All kinds, all sizes, all shapes, all scent. I tend to stare at them for hours without writing a single letter on it.
  6. Whenever I have decided to write on a notebook (whichwill take me a daylong decision and a bit of apprehension), I always start at the back of it (thinking that if I will start at front, I will mess up the sanctity of it if shitty words came out)
  7. My poems were written mostly on not-so-conducive environment (e.g. while standing at the bus, falling in line at public terminal, noisy office room etc.)

So there you go, tasks completed! Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share with you a part of my existence!

Until then! 😉 😉 😉

Sincerely and graciously yours,

Jymiely of Little Furrow

©2012, J.B.T.

23 thoughts on “First Award ;)

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    • thanks polly 🙂 i don’t really know where it came from..i think while filling up my Word Press account. Can’t think of any name for the blog, until little furrows appear on my forehead, the rest is history lol 🙂

  3. Jymiely,
    Thanks so much for the kind words and for mentioning my blog. I’m glad I’ve been able to encourage you to try different forms of writing. I’m sorry for the delayed response, I’ve had (made 🙂 ) limited time to get on WP and I’m now behind on my commenting and on writing my NaPoWriMo poems as well. I hope to catch up and finish this weekend.
    I also want to take a minute to say how much I appreciate visiting your blog. I’m always impressed and amazed at people who write poetry in a second language. Which leads me to another thought… Forgive me for saying this in a comment, but I feel you mislead your readers. Let me explain. Your “About Little Furrow” box starts off with “Been feeble-minded most of the time” but how can that be? You’ve become a nurse, you speak multiple languages AND you write great poems from the heart. Feeble-minded? I think not! So hopefully you’ll reconsider your opening words in that section 😀

    Thank you again for mentioning me and for being an encouragement. I look forward to catching up on your blog now that I have a little time this weekend 😀



    • Thank you Stephen and I’m very glad that you enjoyed your visit here. Wait, let me say:LOL! heheeh Thank you for that, err, well-constructed comment of yours, I really appreciated it. Well, I’ll take that as a constructive criticism 🙂

      I’m sorry if you felt I mislead my readers. Please allow me to clarify myself, I wrote: “feeble-minded most of the time..”, not always, but most of the time, and I take those time to be advantageous as writing poetry is concern. How the heck can that happen? A feeble-minded person writing a poetry?? Why? Actually, its a private joke. Literally, I (always) feel the air whooshing inside my head whenever I’m gonna start writing poems. Contradicting as it may sound, but yeah, I really felt the deficiency in words. I don’t speak English on a daily basis so it’s hard for me to find appropriate words that I would like to invoke on my poem. If you will notice, my words where least better compared to kindergarten kids. Kidding aside. There’s this “i-have-so-many-things-to-write-but-why-the-heck-there’s-nothing-inside-my-brain dilemma. That’s where my feeble-mindedness campaign came from 😉

      I hope you got my point there :)Thank you Stephen for all those wonderful things that you mentioned about me and I think I’ll reconsider your advice 🙂 (Oh, please allow me to use that word, some of my readers loved it so please, please pretty please…knees on the floor right now 🙂

      I don’t wanna lengthen this anymore though I’d loved to, so that I will not rob your spare time in catching up your NaPoWriMo pieces 🙂

      Always take care, Jymiely 🙂


      Just to correct something: I only knew three languages: English, Filipino and The Doggy Alphabet (if you heard about that before), so I think, I’ll consider myself “Multi-lingual” person from this day onward 🙂

      • Oh Jymiely,
        I hope you didn’t take it that I was fussing at you or thought you were really trying to mislead your readers. I was trying to point out that I don’t think you’re feeble-minded in what I thought was a playful way…

        I really like your explanation and I get it. 😀

        Keep on writing and posting your poetry we all enjoy, ignore what I said and I’ll find better ways to make my point next time … I truly hope I didn’t offend you.

        Also, I have not heard of The Doggy Alphabet… maybe you can post about it sometime

        Keep up the good work



      • Oh, noh Stephen, I really enjoyed replying to your comment and I don’t take your comment in a negative way. Actually its the best, comprehensive and keen comment I’ve ever received so I thank you for that. Nothing offensive about that, I’m cool with it so don’t worry 🙂 That word was all pure joke so I’m good with it hehe. You’re not the only one who questioned that term actually, stay as you are no fuss about it ok? 🙂

        That Doggy stuff, I’ll try, must talk to my puppy after hitting the reply button 😉

        Much thanks here 🙂 -Jymiely

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