You wore those nets, ashy hue;

Those lips of yours, bloody rue;

Nylon lashes: is it true?

Tangy scent bathes within you.

Dripped saliva: he’s blunted;

He gazed in awe, unwanted;

Every move, glare, encrypted;

His lust sure is, undaunted.

Sitting there, jeopardizing;

Groin-high seam, fantasizing;

This man, craves your cupsizing;

Mother’s rolled eyes, increasing.



20th of April, 2012

©2012, J.B. Tamayo

14 thoughts on “The Girl with Short Skirt

  1. i hate that girl, she sat beside me yesterday in a public vehicle, her skirt was arrgh!… I wanted to tell her to pull it down but I thought she doesn’t mind if people are looking at her, sigh 😉

  2. sad picture of pretentious femininity ~ she isn’t that different from any gal, be happy you’re uniquely yourself in perfect hues and shades and nuances that are convincing.~ Deborah

  3. your right deb.. though i already have a husband, i still keep those kind of “scenery” only for his eyes to see..its a sad thing that this is prevalent nowadays… 😦 thanks for stopping by deb 😉

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