Photo courtesy of indiastudychannel.com

Gray and black clouds gazed in the pit

Where many beings felt it was real.

Beneath the spotless pillow of calmness

There came a kiss so true I could feel.

Unawake the dove to see it forfeit;

Warmth of thy lips unveils something;

Bloody red, love. Love? Stricken sweetness

Brought the past of dream back, hurls up everything.

Touch the softness of innocence, and reveal:

A kind so pure, seraphic and enticing…

The thoughts dwells, and remained, left

So mysterious, a world full of wondering.

Unpetrified from this phantasm conveys a seal,

That marked the blankness of the first kiss!

Nay, the sweet summer scent, the first dew of the morning:

All dwells inside, I surely never miss!

Oh, but the mirth that was here,  it became a judge:

As I woke up, everything was a mirage.



30th of November, 2006

© 2012, J.B. Tamayo


9 thoughts on “Sonnet of a Kiss

      • I had the same issue looking for a misty moon image for my first and only haiku Took me literally 18 hours of searching (not all at once, thank heaven) to find one that fit. But when I did – HAPPINESS!!! Have a great evening!!!

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