Redirect people, they are lost,

Lift their face no matter it will cost.

Lost sights, all are doomed,

All are dark, hearts are roomed.


Reassess souls, they are tinted.

Blood, spots, full and painted.

Silver lining’s hard to find,

Crouching brutes scared to kind.


Fell back, tyrant can stay,

Fall down, people will pay

Glory spurs behind white linens,

But look back! Beast of burdens!


Redirect, redirect, all are lost.

Lean to heart, lean the most.

Fight back, make war.

Love shall make something to bar.


21st of October 2005

©2012, J.B. Tamayo

10 thoughts on “Lost

  1. J.B. I really feel the pull and struggle in this poem. Nicely written with some great imagery. These lines worked really well:
    “Reassess souls, they are tinted.

    Blood, spots, full and painted.”

    Nicely done!



    • it’s like a call. let’s make war to fight those people taking advantage of someone’s weaknesses. this poem was written out of anger for those “scavengers” (politicians)..fight for freedom, fight for equality, a hate letter i think 😉 thank you for appreciating deborah! 😉

    • thank you again mari! wow, i took a glimpse of your blog, and i think there’s so much to read in it!i’ll be ready to poise in reading them all!will certainly comment on each of your pieces! 😉

      • aha, that man! haha! well, thanks to him i found your blog, truly i’m excited to explore your haven… ciao,ciao i’m posing to read your blog 😉 😉

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