bright cascading lights

streams high on West Horizon

little dove chirps on high pitch



17th of April 2012

Β©2012, J.B.Tamayo

15 thoughts on “Haiku 100

      • actually u might enjoy The Heart Of Haiku, [book] it isn’t as strict as in old writings… What I was taught as a tool is, choose your main message to convey as your last line because that’s our focus, then build up, not to a conclusion ~hope that makes sense. Thanks Deb

      • Sure ~for example sweetie, you wish to focus on the evil of war, like, “Broken nations as glass” Now ask yourself what creates, what do u see & feel about war and make those your first 2 lines. Do you own a kindle?,

      • you know, it’s very hard for me to write without using metaphors and similes, because I’m so used to it. I’ve read somewhere in web that the ultimate rule in writing haiku is this: “Show, don’t tell.”… its a big,big challenge for me ;), sorry nope I don’t own one.. :/

      • you have captured a present tense (first and second lines)
        your allusion – the chirps of little dove (warm season)

        when i read a Haiku I don’t focus on rules, I feel the emotion Haiku evokes, and many times my mind refocuses on a reflection of my own, sometimes several reflections – i’m as old as the wind.

        although i’ve never read a Haiku i didn’t like, i try to use:
        “three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables”

        for personal reasons – i enjoy the restrictions ~

        keep writing them in a way you feel comfortable – i know i’ll enjoy them πŸ™‚



        The two lines in the poem below, reminds me of my youthful days doing chores on my parents dairy farm… so many times i’ve watched the wind carry things away…… to me, these two lines are so beautiful…….

        The Villain — W H Davies

        “….I turned my head and saw the wind,
        Not far from where I stood…”

        do you have favorite lyrics writing by someone else or yourself?

        I’m not a very good critic, because I love creative imaginations, and the beautiful individual minds… imagine the possibilities it is endless, and we have not even touched the surface………..

        David in Maine USA

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