Why? Gray’s told us to excel and move

And even kitten whose only “do’s” to grove.

Why? Thinking that by doing such

The country will earn so much.

One only pertains this to some instance

That could do you harm in a glance.


Never look at the horizon, at tomorrow

If you’re to expect the sun, but with a furrow

You’re only to frustrate yourself

Assumed rays are somewhat an elf.

Never take jokes a serious matter

Even if it sounds not a flatter

You’re only to laugh at its plainness

And nothing to reply at his foolishness.

Never step forward to a place

Seemingly nice and full of grace

Only to find out it’s a thief:

Never step forward if it follows a cliff.


Photo courtesy of cliffsodahead.com


27th October 2006

©2012 J.B.Tamayo


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