Norman Rockwell:Girl at Mirror-1954

Shiver runs through my spine

Clicks have been halted

Fingers have been crossed

Heart has been paused.


Thy fate and mine intertwine

In a least expected situation

Darkness invades abnegation

As thy hands might loosen mine.


Ray of sunshine your smile is

Eyes full of loving thoughts indeed!

Thou hast walked me in bliss

Might be deprived: sickness’ greed!


Tiny devils walked through thy blood

Casting spells; decaying every life

Thy heart, in usual rhythmic thud

Sabotaged: killing each cells with a knife.


Thinking thy hair strand’s on grave

Will crush all the sanity in me!

While thou are here, alive and well

I’ll kiss your dear cheeks (sorry for

the tears that’ll spill).


I want to shout, scream my heart out!

Curse those lucifers eating you out

But never look at such horror

For thy strength, thy very existence

Is the woman I see in the mirror.



11th of April 2012


©2012, J.B. Tamayo

5 thoughts on “Woman in the Mirror

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