The sun sets:


   Again, why should

     it be?

   Why must the day

      would repeat

   the sudden shift

      of the air;

   from its sweetness,

      to its ferocious dream?


Again, why should

   the day be

just like the illusions

   of yesterday?

After the refreshing ray,

the foggy horizon

   still awaits me.


Again, why must

   the fate be

almost coincidentally the same?

Look back; gaze on;

   look still;

The mediocrity of

   mine’s life!


Again, as I gape on thee,

the cruelty of love

   laid over.

Why should it be on

   my heart?


Again, why should

   I be?

Why must I be caught

   up in the wilderness,

gazing upon thy

   ethereal silhouette?-

And then, must be

   cast off instantly.



   The sun has set:



   Why must I fall on thee?




27th of January 2006

©2012 J.B.Tamayo


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