Let some things not change:

   Does all must be changed?

   Must be, but not all

   All might be, but not be.

   Been important, not only yester

      day but now.

   Now, but not all the time.

   Time passes, but not the heart.

   Heart replenishes all, but not some.

   Some can be, but not all

   For some did not want to.

      Even though I know all

      They don’t need to.

      They need to, but they don’t want to.


Must things be changed?

Change for good, for bad?

   Things must, but not change:

   Stay to heart, mind must stay

   Lighter things must, stay the light.

   Dense, brute, corpse:

   Must change.


Does all may be changed?

   You may, but you cannot

   For better days are

      Better left

   Deeper things stay at heart.


Let things change.

But let some things not change.




October 27, 2005  


©2012, J.B.Tamayo


One thought on ““Let Some Things Not Change”

  1. I love this…And i really enjoyed the contrasts in the beginning in the end….It really is a gray area…Change is good…but not always…

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