Photo courtesy of youthvoices.net

Why they kept on disturbing

The one who is already disturbed?

Constrained time; they’re


insensitivity is what all

that matters.


The one that’s been basic


had now, become an extinct

and there’s none left but a


letting water crush all

the hunger.


Gaze upon us. I beg

have clouds flooded

thy eyes?

have thy faith will never

lay on us again?

have you really forgotten

all our pain?


Nay, believed that everything

has a purpose

left me nothing but a


Let me dance in joyous


and never distinguish a

rotten feet.



March 23, 2012

©2012 J.B.Tamayo


4 thoughts on ““Crumb”

  1. J.B.
    Strong poem. Was this prompted by the photo or did you find the photo after you wrote the poem. I’m always interested in what inspired the poem (if it can be identified, as sometimes poems or their starts just appear and we don’t necessarily know where or why).



    • thank you for that stephen.. i wrote the poem first before i looked for a photo that fits in the poem, and then i found “the photo”..that was inspired on my personal experience by the way.. and your right about that, poems tend to be born out of nowhere then the concept will come afterwards. thank you for appreciating it 🙂

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