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Gold digger.

Frantic landlord.

Growling stomach.

all have similar necessity

for this grimy buck.




Kick her ass.

Reconcile to.

Feed it cheap crumbs.

possibly the neat answers to these.

will a penny left?


I hate your existence

I hate why you came

I hate why I need

to stroke my pillow goodbye

and smell the sweet scent

of morning pollution.


How many times will I count you less?

How many days will I suffer

Waiting for that paycheck

Which will just swiftly pass by

My skin.



I hate you right now

And I will hate you forever

(or because I lack of you

Right now.

And I miss you.)

For you’ve became

The gravity

That holds the eluded scavengers.


I hate you so much

And never will it change.

But if you’ll think twice

And embrace my passbook

Maybe I’ll think twice

And save you at last.



March 28, 2012

©2012, J.B.Tamayo

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