16th of March 2012

Dear Bitterness,

I know you expected me to write you a letter. Like you said, there will come a time that I will write to you because I do not have any choice. So there, you won.

I know it’s wrong to love you, but sometimes I just can’t help it. It is you who are always there; ready to give me a big and warm hug. Whenever I see girls who are more beautiful, who are sexier and smarter than I am, I cannot help but to think of you. Whenever I see rich woman walking together with her rich and handsome boyfriend, it is you that pops out in my head.  Together with your sister Envy, you kept on creeping inside my mind. You’re like a disease, a viral disease that vaccines for it were not yet invented. You’re a pest who loved me deeply whenever my life becomes shitty.

I cannot help but love you in return. Unexpectedly. But these things are all wrong. Futility. At the end of the day, I realized that everything, every emotion that I felt for you were only triggered once things cannot be controlled by my own hands. I only recognized your presence whenever there are things to be bitter about. You always took advantage of my weaknesses. After all, I don’t have anything to be bitter about. Life has been good to me since Day 1. I realized that Life has its own process of molding a person. It’s just that, he don’t care on how, when, and where he will slap it on your face. That’s the time that you were born.

I hate you for your existence. That is why I wrote you this letter, to say goodbye. I’ve had enough of your continuous disturbance in my life. I don’t benefit on becoming bitter all my life. I can’t see any positive results in loving you, in turning to you whenever shit comes along.

Together with this letter, I attached a contract, our Separation Contract. Please sign it and mail me the signed form. Don’t worry about the expenses; I’ll pay it with my Faith Dollar and gold Acceptance.

Goodbye now, and don’t you dare call me.

Your Ex-Partner,

Little Furrow.



©2012, J.B.Tamayo

2 thoughts on “a letter to bitterness

  1. J.B.
    Written with a lot of insight and passion!
    I like these two lines a lot…
    “It is you who are always there; ready to give me a big and warm hug.”
    “Together with your sister Envy, you kept on creeping inside my mind.”

    I like the way you put this in a letter…
    Well done!



    • thank you stephen! yeah i hate him (bitterness…err whatever his/her gender is ) most of the time, but some of my poems were written because of him.. but bitterness must never nestled in our hearts on a daily basis.. that’s unhealthy. 😉

      thank you!

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